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Independent Schools

Independent Schools

“Making the connection” is a frequent topic of conversation at ChefAdvantage. The connection we speak of may be the relationship that our students have to the foods they most enjoy. Alternatively, the connection may be the bond our service staff forges when showing interest in helping with a special request. Perhaps it is our chef making a connection with a local farmer to plan an inspired seasonal menu.

ChefAdvantage Lunch Providers

When engaging ChefAdvantage as your dining services partner, you have made the connection with a company who believes that great dining programs make the connection on many levels. Good food is only a beginning. Paired with an attentive and caring service staff, thoughtfully prepared food becomes a shared vehicle for great conversation and a relaxing respite from a busy day. When connected with curriculum, inspired food offers the opportunity to consider mindfully the effects nature and conservation play in fueling the body, mind, and spirit. Food helps connect us to our own communities when locally grown lettuce shows up on one of our bountiful salad bars or we invite a farmer to talk about where food really comes from.

There are many ways we work to “make the connection” at ChefAdvantage. Understanding your school’s unique culture and vision is the first link in tailoring a valued dining services program. When partnering with independent schools, our first priority is to consider how we can positively affect your school community, as well as the communities we share. Please contact us if your school is interested in “making the connection” through great food, caring service, and responsible stewardship.