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Afterschool Programs

Making Dinner Easy!

For many students in afterschool programs lunch is a distant memory. ChefAdvantage offers wholesome and fully compliant meals for afterschool programs.  Studies suggest programs that offer afterschool meals see improved behavior and attendance.  Learn how ChefAdvantage can provide the fuel your students need to succeed…

ChefAdvantage has served breakfast and lunch to Atlanta area students since 1991 and now serves thousands of students in afterschool care.  We understand the challenges faced by busy directors and have created a program that delivers healthy, nutritious meals that kids love.  These meals are compliant with the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) for dinner portions.

Great meals, friendly hospitality, and trustworthy service is just the beginning of our commitment to your program.  Our chefs and nutritionists take all of the required menu planning and production reporting off your busy plate.  We also assist with GDOE Meal Initiative guidelines and Coordinated Review Efforts, ensuring that your program qualifies for federal funding.

If your Afterschool Program needs a fresh approach to foodservice please contact us at clients@chefadvantage.com.  We look forward to serving you.