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Child Development Centers

Experience That Makes a Difference

When your early learning center or preschool program needs a lunch boost, ChefAdvantage is the company to call. We can definitely relate to “early learning”, as we recall our first formative steps. ChefAdvantage’s first client in 1991 was a progressive center that needed a great lunch service to mirror their excellent curriculum. One of our first learning lessons was that our young critics were, and still are, very discriminating. Fresh wholesome meals were fine, as long as they were not overly complicated. Salads worked just great, but we had to make sure the veggies were cut just the right size. Green beans are sometimes “yucky” just because they are, no matter how well we prepare them.

Those early lessons were sometimes difficult but we are happy to report that we now serve thousands of children in our community each day. Perhaps our proudest accomplishment is that we are still serving the very first center who called upon us in 1991. We have indeed learned a number of things along the way. The greatest lesson is that pleasing our young audience is not always easy, but it is worth the journey. Childhood obesity and related complications are escalating at epidemic rates. As such, ChefAdvantage has a vital commitment to nourishing our children with fresh food and positive encouragement. Green beans can actually be a lot of fun if you let them be!


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