Serving You A Better Day

ChefAdvantage is Atlanta’s leader in serving wholesome meals that kids love to eat. Our story began in 1991 with a chef’s vision to provide real meals for schools that wanted an alternative to uninspired institutional offerings. That modest plan has since evolved into a passion for helping children establish a foundation of lifelong wellness.

How can a dining services partner serve you a better day? The short answer is that we celebrate those we serve. A more detailed explanation is that we approach providing quality driven meals for children and educators as part of a much larger vision. We realize that our hurry-up world can take a toll on everyone’s well-being. Replenishing students and educators alike with savory meals, caring smiles, and integrity driven service is our contribution to strengthening our school communities. Striving to help make your day a better day reminds us of the rewarding responsibility we have as your foodservice partner.

Our recipe for making your day a better day with positive dining experiences includes an unwavering dedication to food safety, nutrition education, and program support. Nourishing our community happens in many ways. For students, it means enjoying a respite from studies while enjoying a variety of freshly prepared meals. For parents, it is the comfort of knowing that a professional team of chefs and nutritionists have carefully provided options based on nutritional value and the ever growing importance of helping our children make healthy choices. For administrators, it is providing worry free service, educational support, and relief from time consuming reporting and compliance issues.

While our services have become more all-inclusive through the years, our simple philosophy remains the same-Provide great meals that are prepared with integrity and served with love.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to serving you a better day.

" Mom, they have a really good restaurant at school this year! "
~ As heard in carpool from a 2nd grader giving Mom a recap of her first day at a ChefAdvantage partner school